Ready in Minutes

An all-day shoot is now a coffee break. Oxolo will take care of everything and have your video ready for upload mere minutes after you enter a URL.

Just One Click

Copy and paste your product listing URL and click "Create video". Grab a coffee while our AI writes, directs, acts and edits for you. No other video maker on the planet can do more with less user input.

HD Downloads

High quality, high definition video that's beautifully optimized to look great on your website, social media or product listing.

Credits Never Expire

Oxolo is all about convenience. If you don’t have enough credits to create or edit your videos, you can upgrade your plan or purchase a credit bundle. See more details on the pricing page.

40+ Languages

Oxolo speaks your language. Input URLs or product info in one of our supported languages — we have over 40! We’ll tailor your product pitch to help you communicate with your target audience in a way they’ll truly understand.

AI Actors with True Human Emotion

Create a connection to your product using our AI acting talent. Add multiple actors to a video or change outfits to find the perfect look to represent your brand.

Image and Video Catalogue

Our AI combines images pulled directly from your listing with media from our massive stock library to better tell your story.

Vibrant Music Library

We've produced original, royalty-free background music that you can use in your videos. They're perfectly scored for advertising and add ambience to your creations.

Great Templates

Each Oxolo Video utilizes dynamic designs that bring home a beautiful lively video unlike anyone elses, all  optimized for E-commerce ads.

User-friendly Studio Editor

Personalizing your Oxolo Video isn't rocket science. Our easy-to-use studio editor can make changes to the script, images and music.

Display Script

Oxolo automatically highlights key facts from your product page and transmits these via voice-over and text overlay. In the studio, you can tweak the script to make sure our AI actors get the perfect message across to your audience.

Easy Updates

Your videos are stored inside the Oxolo Studio and are always one click away from an edit. As your product develops new features, changes color scheme or gets a facelift — Oxolo Videos are uniquely capable of growing alongside your brand.


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